it’s something; it’s almost nothing, 2006

Medium: bike, dialysis pump, food coloring, metal parts | Dimensions: 230 x 170 x 85 cm

Utopia is the essential core of the imaginary level. In order for this state to be characterized as such, it owes to be constantly defeated by the tough conditions of reality. In the workit’s something; it’s almost nothing, I am concerned with what remains beyond the valuable failure of an utopian attempt, using as a reference point PROVO’s “White bicycle plan”, which took place in the mid 60’s in Amsterdam, where a number of white bicycle’s were accessed for public use.

The bicycle in my work becomes a symbolic tool that addresses certain issues:

A. It is undeniable that the action of the subject persists to be the central aspect and only he/she can set in motion the mechanisms towards utopia. This is because the spectator-user willingly moves the pedal of the vehicle, where he/ she leaves a trace from the chosen path as opposed to when he/she randomly moves or stands.

B. The formation of an actual game plays an integral part, because wherever and whenever it appears (here as a sculpture and a game simultaneously) it creates possibilities to surpass as well as break through stereotypes and established fundamentals.

C. The marks on the floor leave a trail of the experiences we have when we make a utopian attempt. In this way, they document the story of these efforts and describe the incidents, where desire can take decisions and decisions can produce desires.